World Building Cartography Maps Starting at $13

So you know I run The World Builders Guild over on DeviantART?

Well one of my Guild members is trying to raise some money to help pay for her medical bills. She is offering cheap map comissions starting from $13, so if you’ve been thinking about hiring a cartographer to make you a pretty map then now is a brilliant opportunity.

More info on the comissions can be found in her journal here.

If you do hire her then please let her know how you found her.

I wish you all the best with your world.


P.S. The comission information can be found here.






How do Zombies Horde?

This is a brilliant study on the theoy of zombie Hording. A MUST read for all would be zombie hunters and zombiepocalypse survivors.

Compromise and Conceit

Zombie hording behavior is crucial to decision-making after the zombiepocalypse. Assuming that our rotting foes are dumb beasts with no mind at all may be our downfall, but all the classic texts seem to contain two fundamental assumptions:

  • Zombies have absolutely no sentience or intellect
  • Zombies gather together in hordes

Some texts also assume that zombies retain a very very rudimentary and instinctive memory of their activities as humans (crowding to shopping centres, walking along roads, etc.) but this could be a mistaken conclusion based on their hording behavior. How zombies form hordes is a key part of the zombiepocalypse puzzle: consider the ending of The Walking Dead[1] season 2, where zombies see a helicopter, follow it, and when they lose sight of it just keep walking in a straight line. This is very specific hording behavior, not necessarily matched to any existing understanding of self-organizing behavior. Understanding what…

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135 Creatives Watch The World Builders Guild

The World Builders Guild is a DeviantART group dedicated to collecting and sharing artwork to inspire World Builders.

It is a group I run on DeviantART and now has over 135 people watching it.

This group is something I’m very excited about as World Building is one of the main reasons why I love being a writer. It’s the creative process of building a fictional world for…[Read More]

The World Building School Redesign

The World Building School is currently undergoing a redesign. This design is going to add some great features to the site as well as make it prettier and easier to read.

The relaunch is due between June and July 2012. I will post up a launch note on this blog to let you know when The World Building School is back online, so follow this blog to keep updated.

Also if you have any great world building articles that you’d like to share either with me or publish on The World Building School then please feel free to message me.

All the best,