The World Building School Goes Live Wednesday 11th July!

I’m really proud to announce that the long awaited re-design of The World Building School will be put live tomorrow (that’s Wednesday 11th)

Here’s what you can expect from The World Building School:

  • A new world building article posted every Friday.
  • A free email subscription – so you can keep informed every time a new article is posted up on the school.
  • A growing library of World Building resources and guides.
  • Artwork featured from members of the DeviantART World Builders Guild.
  • Guest posts from other world builders and writers.

I will be sending out a special launch email to everyone who has requested notification of the new World Building School launch. If you’d like to be included on this email then please visit the website and add your email address to the box.

After I’ve sent out the launch email I will be deleting that email list so you can be sure that your email address is safe with me.

I will post another journal as soon as The World Building School goes live. If you’re an artist interested in featuring your artwork on the school to gain more exposure then please let me know, similarly if you would like to write an article for the school then that is also welcome.

E.g. if you’re a creature artists then maybe describe one technique you use to create realistic creatures. Or an armour designer may want to write about the different types of armour.

I look forward to the launch of The World Building School and hope it adds another dimension to the inspiration being collected over at The World Builders Guild on DeviantART.

Visit the World Building School.

What would you like to see from The World Building School?


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