Quick and Dirty World-Building

5 questions you need to ask yourself for quick and dirty worldbuilding.

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Probably the hardest thing for any fiction writer is creating a well-developed, rich setting. When you’re taking on a fictional world, you, as the writer, have to know every nuance of it, from the languages to the first person to domesticate the wild zigglesnorts. And if you’re anything like me, it’s hard to feel comfortable writing your story before you feel you have a strong grasp on the world your characters live in. While epic fantasies have a tendency for incredibly detailed world-building, I’m going to give you tips on how to get your world on its feet so that you can get just get going for now; save the details for later.

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Fantastic article on archers by Shorty Monster. If you intend to have archers in your world then this article is well worth a read for some little tips and tricks of what it means to be an archer. Visit Shorty Monster and take a read 🙂


After watching the British Archery team go out in the first round of the Olympics, it made me realise just how much we have fallen in the world rankings in the last seven hundred years. So, presented here are my thoughts on the bowman in a role playing game. Enjoy.

The following tips and advice are all based on widely perceived historical fact, so feel free to use them, whilst I take some pleasure in using my History& Heritage degree for the first time since graduating over a year ago. The aim of this blog is to make being a ranged combatant in any medieval like setting a bit more interesting than standing at the back loosing arrows while staying out of trouble.

First let us consider one of the finest examples of a bowman from the medieval period, the English warbow user. This isn’t idle speculation, or a sense of…

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