Help grow a fantasy village with Facebook


The Eleajia project is an experiment in community village building for a fantasy world.

Here’s how you can get involved.

Eleajia is currently linked to two sites.

The first site, is the main site for the village. It has an overview of the project, village roster, supplies, maps, and a spot to read about past events. The main page of the site displays journal entries from the citizens of the village. This is where the story of Eleajia unfolds through the eyes of its own citizens.

The second site, is how the audience can interact with the world. Eleajia grows along with the growth of the interest for the project. As the ‘Likes’ for the page increase, new members join the village and major or minor improvements are built. The following is a list of how the Facebook page affects Eleajia. Of course, the numbers will change is its popularity grows.

Learn exactly how you can help here


Facebook World Building

Greetings fellow World Builders,

I’m sure many of you use Facebook on a daily basis but what you may not know is there is a World Building page on Facebook.

This page is for those of us interested in World Building to show our interest. You can visit the page at the below link:

World Building On Facebook

If you enjoy world building then please visit the page and Like.

Currently there is a great interview with George R. R. Martin about his Fire & Ice series. Definitely worth a watch if you’ve been watching the HBO Game Of Thrones.

Like World Building Here.

You can also like the page in the sidebar on this blog.

Keep safe and have fun building 🙂

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