Bored of SimCity? Try Banished the Video Game.


If you love the idea of building your own town then you will LOVE this game.

Banished is a city-building strategy game that is all about life and survival as you control a group of exiled travellers who decide to build their own city. The object of this game is to keep the population alive and to grow it into a powerful civilisation.

It has the feel of a modern Caesar 3 or Zeus: Master of Olympus but with much deeper gameplay. That’s because sustainable resource gathering must be considered if you want your settlement to survive in the long term.

This game has appeared out of nowhere but the initial youtube videos look brilliant. What’s more impressive is that it’s been developed by just 1 guy, Luke Hodorowicz .

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Introducing The Authors Guide To Drawing Maps

The Authors Guide To Drawing Maps

This is a quick article to introduce The Authors Guide To Drawing Maps.

The guide currently features 4 of the tutorials on drawing maps that can be found on The World Building School, however they are all presented on a single page so it’s now even easier to follow the tutorials and draw your own map.  Also, as they are now all collated on a single page it makes it easier to link to the articles. So if you ever need to reference a guide for drawing maps then you only need one link:

And you can be sure that as soon as new map articles are written they will be added to The Authors Guide ready for reading. Please help to spread this resource amongst your writing buddies – I’ll be forever grateful and offer plenty of hugs in return. Thank you :)


Mouse & Golem: The Sewers Are No Place For A Mouse


Mouse is determined to be the first rodent in the whole village to build a flying machine and escape the competition and mundane life of the other rodents. He is accompanied by Golem, a creature he created in a previous experiment who wants nothing more than to sleep and eat food , and Baron Baticus, the aristocratic Baron of the village who is already blessed with the gift of flight. Mouse is on the verge of a breakthrough which makes Golem a little nervous as he will be the one in the pilot seat.

Teaser – Chapter 1: The Sewers Are No Place For A Mouse

“Golem, this is your lunch.” Mouse handed a small paper bag to the large fellow sat beside him.

“Oh raspberries! I do love berries Mouse.” With a swift plop Golem had plucked a berry from the bag and squeezed it through his rather minute mouth. Juice bubbled down his face when the raspberry popped but he didn’t care. Golem was simply happy that he had berries.

Mouse opened his bag to reveal a large green apple that had started to go soft and mushy.

“Well, I’ve got to keep my strength up I suppose…” Mouse shut his eyes and reluctantly chewed on the mushy apple.

Golem was still merrily scoffing his face with berries and humming to himself as he squeezed yet another raspberry into his tiny mouth.

“Once you’ve finished those we need to get back to work. We only have another two carts to fill and we’ll be out of here for the day.”

“But I want to go now. We’ve already been here for hours, I need to sleep… oooo… check this out Mouse.” Golem griped a large elastic band in his hand “Weren’t you always saying we could do with more of these stretchy things?”

“Well done Golem. That’s perfect, I think that will be the last piece we need in order to fix the flying machine.”


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